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This disorder with the appropriate aids , is solved satisfactorily in the vast majority of cases


It is about the inability of women to perform the sexual act and to be penetrated. Es a disorder caused by the involuntary contraction or spasm of the perineal muscles of the external third of the vagina, at the moment penetration is attempted, causing the closure of the vaginal introitus and preventing or hindering the sexual act .

It is a psychological disease but it manifests itself with that powerful physical response.

Some  women who suffer from it can become sexually aroused and enjoy an orgasm, but are unable to allow penetration.

Others, however, have little interest or sexual desire and many fears and anxieties about penetration.​

Patients treated with our combined method have a cure rate of more than 90%. A month after the start of treatment they managed to have sexual relations with vaginal penetration without pain. In the following months they achieved a normal sexual life.

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