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Cervicovaginal cytology or Papanicolaou test is a routine test that is performed in the annual gynecological check-up. In it, a sample of cells from the vagina and cervix is taken. 

citología en vigo - Ginecologos Vigo

It is a simple technique that requires a few minutes and is not painful. 

When performed during the gynecological examination, no special prior preparation is necessary, it is only advisable:

  •     Having finished menstruation 3-4 days before.

  •     Not having had penetrative sex in the 48 hours prior to taking.

  •     Wash externally only with soap and water and do not wash internally.

  •     Do not use topical treatments 5-7 days prior to the test (ovules, spermicides, vaginal creams).

It may show findings that have nothing to do with cervical cancer (fungal infections, herpes, trichomonas, etc.), or also reactive cellular changes, which, depending on the case, will require  treatment or simply follow-up. .

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