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Being able to perform diagnostic-surgical hysteroscopies without anesthesia is very important, since this avoids the risks and possible side effects that its use can cause.

Histeroscopia diagnóstica y quirúrgica e

We have more than 15 years of professional experience in performing endoscopic techniques in public and private healthcare.

That implies having carried out thousands of interventions of this type.


​We also have the most advanced endoscopic technology, which provides us with finer hysteroscopes, with much higher quality optics and cameras, which allow better images and easier introduction into the uterus.

This allows us to perform diagnostic and surgical hysteroscopies to observe the interior of the uterus or for the extraction of polyps, fibroids, Asherman's syndrome, abortive remains or correction of uterine malformations, in the operating room of our clinic, without the need for hospitalization. sin anestesia or resorting only to mild conscious sedation.

In 95% of cases, patients perfectly tolerate its performance without the need for anesthesia of any kind. But if you wish, for your comfort, a

The anesthetist gives her a small dose of a drug that keeps her relaxed. Its effects disappear 10 minutes after finishing the intervention. 

The greater the experience of the endoscopist and the better the technology available, the greater safety, efficiency in solving problems, and greater tolerability of hysteroscopy by the patient.

Our hysteroscopic technique is so minimally invasive that after after the intervention, the patient remains in the clinic for 1 hour and then goes home. The next day you can make lifepractically normal. You just have to avoid making efforts and lifting weights.

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