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It is a moment in a woman's life characterized by the cessation of menstruation and which begins a stage of life known as the climacteric. This stage represents the transition between the fertile period and old age. Despite not being a disease, it causes annoying symptoms in most women that alter social and work dynamics.


It occurs because the woman begins to progressively lose her ovarian function and therefore the production of female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, decreases.

This period is characterized by strong, unpredictable, and variable endocrinological changes, with a marked clinical repercussion that leads patients to frequent consultations. Hormonal loss does not usually occur suddenly. In most women, there is usually a first period, known as Premenopause, in which a transition takes place towards menopause, for approximately 5 years, although it may be shorter and earlier in women who smoke and subject to stress, as well as in women who have undergone surgery on the uterus and ovaries.


It is a stage in which the control of cardiovascular health is very necessary.

In our clinic we have 3 of the best specialists in this specialty. The Drs. Encisa de Saa and Vidal Rey, vascular surgeons and Dr. Elisa Blanco, cardiologist.



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