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Quality medicine, without haste and always using the latest technology 

Dr. Gabriela Bravo Jaso

 Gynecologists Vigo

Vida Clinic 

Gynecology - Fetal ultrasound - Urology - Aesthetic medicine - Vascular surgery- - Dermatology - General medicine - Neurology - Rheumatology



Tu ginecóloga tiene que ofrecerte confianza, empatía y dedicarte tiempo toda la atención que necesites para hacer que te sientas cómoda and safe. This way you can solve your problems and clarify your doubts.

Gabriela Bravo, gynecologist in Vigo

Medicine and cosmetic surgery


Physical health and spiritual well-being are closely linked to physical appearance and are essential issues to achieve full happiness.

The medical-aesthetic treatments that we offer at Clínica Vida seek to satisfy all the aspirations of our patients and provide them with the guarantees of success and comfort.



Our brain is the seat of our personality, habits, abilities, fears and an endless number of human qualities that differentiate us and make us unique. Its operation is very difficult to understand. When he is sick the figure of the neurologist is essential.

On the other hand, neurology encompasses much more than brain diseases. Se in charge of problems of the spinal cord, peripheral nervous structures and muscles. These represent another large group of diseases that only neurologists know perfectly well.

fetal ultrasound


The ultrasound is the essential examination method in the field of prenatal diagnosis. It has some key moments of application.

It must be performed by highly qualified, experienced medical personnel, 

prepared and accredited for this type of tests.


Dermatology is increasingly complex and there are multiple diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and devices. 

If your disease requires a specific technological treatment we will make a diagnosis and we will indicate the best treatment for your case. 

In the clinic itself we have multiple treatment techniques, including lasers of different types.


There are a large number of people and potential rheumatology patients who, even today,  do not really know who to turn to when they have pain in a joint.

Rheumatology arises for the diagnosis and treatment of more than 200 diseases that cause pain and inflammation of joints and muscles, but which can also have symptoms in other organs such as the skin, eyes, lungs or the kidneys, and that can affect any age, from very young children to the elderly, although there is a belief that the rheumatologist is a specialist for the elderly.



Current urology deals with the treatment of diseases of the urinary system in men and women, as well as the male genital system; with high resolution and minimally invasive techniques, such as laparoscopic surgery.

Vascular surgery

Angiology and Vascular Surgery is a medical-surgical specialty in charge of the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases that affect the arterial, venous and lymphatic system, excluding intracranial and heart vessels.

We provide a comprehensive treatment of the different vascular diseases of the arterial, venous and lymphatic system, from personalized attention, without haste and with the most advanced technologies in terms of non-invasive vascular diagnosis.

General medicine

Es an initial consultation with a general practitioner or an internist is very important, so that they can make a first assessment of the patient's symptoms and request the necessary tests and thus send the patient to the appropriate specialist.

On the other hand, it is advisable to have periodic health checks, which should be more complete when the patient's age is more advanced.

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