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Gynecological treatments from childhood to old age. We specialize in caring for each stage of the life of the woman since in all of themproblems are different.




Our Gynecology and Ultrasound Unit offers services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gynecological pathologies, problems derived from the menopause, sexually transmitted diseases, female urinary incontinence, different types of female cancer, sexual dysfunctions, pregnancy control, infertility, etc.

We perform gynecological surgeries of all kinds without waiting. 

Endoscopic surgery (hysteroscopies) in many cases without the need for anesthesia. Achieving the best results in cases of malformations of the uterus, Asherman's Syndrome and extraction of large fibroids or polyps.

We also carry out the periodic check-ups that any woman must undergo to prevent the most common diseases of the gynecological branch.

In short, we are a unit of specialists in comprehensive women's health, which offers an individualized, humane service of the best quality, with the best training and extensive professional experience.

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