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La colposcopia is a test that allows an enlarged view of the surface of the cervix or cervix. It is used to early identify possible lesions that are known to be precursors of un cáncer or already cancerous lesions.


It also allows biopsies to be taken from suspicious areas to study them later in the laboratory, or to remove these lesions, thus solving the problem.

A colposcopy is usually performed when the woman has a cervical cytology in which abnormal cells are detected that may be cancerous or precursors of_cc781905-5cde-3194_badfccancer3bd515-decáncer cervix.

This test is sometimes requested when the doctor suspects some cervical pathology after a gynecological examination.

Colposcopy is considered the second step in early screening for cervical cancer after cervical cytology. It even allows biopsies to study these lesions or remove them directly.

que tiene una luz brillante. El colposcopio solo se usa para mirar, no te toca ni entra en tu vagina. 

Si tu médico nota algo que no le parece normal, te hará una biopsia. Esto quiere decir que tomará una pequeña muestra de tejido y la enviará a un laboratorio para analizarlo.

No es una prueba dolorosa, ni molesta.

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