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Ignacion García doval, mejores dermatólogos vigo


On many occasions, skin lesions can be a sign of other diseases, such as rheumatic or internal diseases. We offer you the experience of more than 20 years of hospital consultation, and in patients with autoimmune diseases.


dermatological emergencies

Dermatological problems can appear urgently and be very annoying or serious. In these cases we can offer you an appointment on the first day of consultation.

hair and nails


Diagnosis and treatment of hair diseases such as baldness, scalp disorders, hereditary hair diseases. In these diseases the role of the dermatologist and scientific knowledge is especially important, to offer you the optimal treatments for your case. As important as this is to indicate those that do not work or are not safe, avoiding unnecessary risks and expenses.

children and pregnancy

The most frequent skin problems in children are infections (such as warts, molluscum or impetigo), eczema, moles and angiomas. For all of them we will offer painless, easy to tolerate by children and effective treatments. If a child comes to the consultation, we will try to make the wait minimal and entertaining.

Skin problems during pregnancy are also frequent, which we can almost always diagnose and solve easily.

genitals and mouth


Diseases of the oral mucosa and of the male and female external genitalia are part of the field of dermatology, something that surprises many patients. 

Patients often consult for warts or other growths on the genitals, abnormal discharge or sores in the mouth or genitals, and itching in the area. For all these problems there are simple and quick solutions. We can do tests to rule out common sexually transmitted diseases, review partners, or resolve your questions and concerns about treatments or infections.

If we need the collaboration of a urologist or gynecologist, we can count on them in the same clinic.

Stains and aesthetic alterations


Scars, stretch marks, angiomas and skin spots due to aging, can be easily improved.

At Clínica Vida we can offer you solutions for these problems, including laser techniques.

We do not consult private insurance companies . This allows us to dedicate more time to each patient, without rushing, giving the best attention and  in addition to having the MOST MODERN TECHNOLOGY for diagnosis and treatment of patients.
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