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Neurólogos en Vigo, Antonio Koukoulis


The human brain is fascinating, it makes us who we are, it creates our thoughts, it stores and manages our memories, it is with it that we make our decisions and it is the tool with which we relate to the environment. Our brain is the seat of our personality, habits, abilities, fears and an endless number of human qualities that differentiate us and make us unique, but how difficult it is to understand it and even more so when sick!;  for this reason, in these cases, the figure of the neurologist is essential.

neurólogos vigo, antonio koukoulis, clin

On the other hand, neurology covers much more than brain diseases, dealing with problems of the spinal cord, peripheral nervous structures and muscles; which represent another large group of diseases that only the neurologist knows perfectly.

From my point of view, a good neurologist should not be exclusively an excellent expert in the nervous system, but also, and above all, a person open to dialogue, listening carefully to their patients, establishing a relationship and personalized treatment, of trust, so that not only scientific answers are offered, but also support and advice is given in situations of significant life change, such as the diagnosis of processes as important as Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's disease, to name only the best known.

Last but not least is the figure of the caregiver, who should never be forgotten, since a large part of the problem falls on her. This is well known to those families who have had to care for their elders with dementia or some other degenerative neurological disease or sequelae after having suffered a stroke. Always delivered and often misunderstood, it is essential to give them attention and personalized help, since their work is essential and we must prevent them from "burning out".

Dealing with people with neurological problems and trying to help them, without forgetting the human aspect, helping to improve their quality of life and that of their caregivers, represents the fundamental axis of my work as a neurologist.

We do not consult private insurance companies . This allows us to dedicate more time to each patient, without rushing, giving the best attention and  in addition to having the MOST MODERN TECHNOLOGY for diagnosis and treatment of patients.
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