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Your health is what is at stake

We remind you of the importance of attending to the signals that your body sends and if you notice a change in vaginal discharge or menstruation, any change in the genitals or a lump in the breast, go immediately to your gynecologist without waiting for the next check-up. .


There is a widespread fear of going to the gynecologist, and many women skip their regular check-ups because they do not go through what they consider a bad drink. But the truth is that regular gynecological check-ups are very important for our health and can save our lives. A review in time can prevent you from cancer and the suffering that this entails. So put aside your modesty and overcome your fear because after all, the gynecologist is just another medical specialist.


When to go to the gynecologist?


Under normal circumstances, the start of gynecological check-ups should coincide with the start of an active sexual life and, from that moment, continue the check-ups throughout life. You are never too young to go to the gynecologist or too old.

The frequency of the check-ups will depend on each woman and the risk factors presented in her medical history and her family history. The truth is that to be safe and avoid risks, the ideal would be to go to the gynecologist once a year.


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