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Gabriela Bravo, gynecologist, hysteroscopies, gynecological surgery and intimate surgery


We all want the specialist to consult us WITHOUT HURRY, with all delicacy, professionalism,getting involved in our problems and with themaximum possible efficiency.

Your gynecological visit will not be a bad moment that you should spend every year, but a pleasant time with a professional who inspires you confidence, who cares   for your problems, who tries to solve them and who also informs you , advises, advises and makes you feel comfortable and sure that you are receiving the best medical care.

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Choosing your gynecologist is not easy, since they must have many qualities to take care of your health and you. In addition to their training and professionalism, they give you all the attention you need, and make you feel confident so that you feel comfortable and safe, in order to clarify your doubts and solve your problems.
Do not resign yourself to living with long or painful periods.

Heavy, chronic and/or painful bleeding greatly affects the quality of life of women who suffer from it, since it conditions the development of their normal life  professional and family.

I wish to convey to the women who suffer from them that in most cases these bleedings can be resolved and if sometimes it is not fully achieved, at least it can be greatly reduced and thus greatly improve the quality. of life of the woman who suffers from them.
Gynecology for adolescents

It is very important to transmit to the youngest patients  and to their mothers, the idea that the gynecologist is there to help them, to try to solve their problems, their uncertainties and that in this way they are informed about everything what worries them and about the prevention necessary for their healthy growth as people and as women.

I know firsthand the communication difficulties that sometimes arise with our adolescent children and  the worries and doubts that they hide from their parents for fear of being rejected or punished and that sometimes lead them to not act in the most appropriate way.

This implies that the adolescent must be made to feel that she is before a professional to whom she can tell all her anxieties, her problems and her doubts and who will collaborate to help her, inform her and advise her, but that all this will be totally confidential.


It is very important to do an ULTRASOUND in all check-ups and also in most gynecological consultations. We ALWAYS perform it, using a MODERN, HIGH DEFINITION ULTRASOUND. But you will not pay more for this, since we consider that it is ESSENTIAL for a good diagnosis and it has to be included in the amount of the consultation.

Yeah you call a clinic to find out the cost of a gynecological check-up  and the price they tell you seems much cheaper than that of other centers, always ask if that price is ultrasound is included.

Gabriela Bravo, gynecologist - Gynecological Surgery - Hysteroscopy - Gynecology - Gynecologists Vigo

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