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Gynecology, Urology and Fetal Ultrasound Service, one Saturday a month in Vigo

We know that some women are very busy during the week. Many of you, due to having jobs with complicated hours or the need to dedicate time to the family, do not have time for yourselves.

Your regular gynecological check-ups are very important and sometimes you never find the right time to visit the gynecologist.

For this reason, we provide the comprehensive gynecology service on Saturday, also complemented by our Pregnancy Diagnostic Imaging Unit.


You can book an appointment on our website:

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At Clínica Vida, we always try to adapt as much as possible to your needs.

For this reason, our consultation hours in Gynecology and Fetal Ultrasound are from 8:30 in the morning to 10:00 p.m. That means that throughout the week there will be a day when you can go at the time you want.

We always try to make an appointment within a maximum period of one week for patients who want a quick consultation.

In any case, if you have an emergency, do not hesitate to say so and we will make a space for you to make an appointment on the same day.


With this we try to offer you the best private medical service.

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