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El tamaño de los labios menores en algunas mujeres puede ser tan marcado, que no solamente produzca molestias locales como mayor irritation, discomfort when dressing, exercising, sitting or performing personal hygiene, but it can seriously hinder sexual intercourse. 


The latter is due to the fact that this excessive size sometimes makes the woman feel self-conscious with her partner by having to show him something that she considers to be unattractive from an aesthetic point of view and also due to the discomfort that can occur during penetration. However, the problems are not always related to the size of the lips and for this reason each case must be differentiated.

This anatomical alteration can be corrected by reducing the labia minora and making them symmetrical and with an appearance more in line with the image that the woman wants of them.

La cirugía vaginal es un procedimiento quirúrgico que afecta a la sexualidad de la mujer and that, therefore, it is not a simple cosmetic surgery, therefore it requires that it be done by a professional with true training and experience to assess the implications in each case .

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